Business Talent Group taps the world’s best independent Talent to design solutions for corporations, private equity firms, and major non-profits.  Business Talent Group is at the cutting edge of disaggregating the traditional consulting firm model, bringing you just the Talent you need, when you need it, at a fraction of the cost.  We provide individuals as well as custom-built teams. With no retainer and incredibly fast turn-around (generally five business days), our clients find that we are their indispensable “first call.”

Consulting Services

Business Talent Group brings the best independent Talent to suit a Client’s needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional firms. It may be an individual to do a competitive analysis or cost reduction plan, or it could be a custom-built team of experienced consultants to prepare a new market strategy or a pricing study. Our teams often include industry talent with deep expertise and a proclivity towards execution. Projects generally fall into two categories, the “Consulting Classic” and the “Consulting Hybrid.TM

The Consulting Classic

We bring individuals or custom-built teams of skilled management consultants trained at the best firms, such as McKinsey, Bain, or Accenture, that provide our Clients:


The experience and configuration of Talent to deliver the results that our Clients need.


Deployable at any pace and intensity over time, particularly appropriate for projects that are too small or too fast for major consulting firms. Clients have complete control; there is no time wasted on anything other than the analyses they most need.

Cost Effective Solution:

No need to pay for the overhead or oversized teams of traditional consulting approaches, so costs will be significantly less.

Example Classic Consulting Projects:

  • New Market Strategy
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Scenario Planning
  • Marketing / Brand Strategy
  • Complex Financial Modeling
  • Industry Landscape
  • Operational Excellence


The Consulting HybridTM

Business Talent Group has pioneered the “Consulting HybridTM”, a custom-built team or individual that combines the best of both worlds: industry experience and management consulting know-how in strategy development, project management, and problem solving. The Consulting HybridTM is ideal for providing top-tier consulting services coupled with real-world know-how and a heavy focus on implementation. As one client says, “BTG’s blend of consultants and experienced industry talent is better than what the top consulting firms can deliver—for a fraction of the price.”

Laser Focus on Implementation:

Most of our Consulting Talent bring industry experience, so they know what it takes to really execute and drive a critical project to successful completion.

Accessible Expertise:

Infuse deep, pragmatic industry knowledge into a project to shortcut the learning curve, build credibility with the Client’s team or customers, and improve a project’s chances of success.

Deep Value:

Clients say our Hybrid Consulting teams deliver distinctive value at a fraction of the price of traditional firms.

Example Hybrid ConsultingTM Projects:

  • Project Management
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Change Management
  • New Product Launch
  • Performance Improvement
  • Post-merger Integration
  • Salesforce Realignment


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Project Talent

Business Talent Group provides experienced independent professionals to drive critical initiatives.  These initiatives may include launching a new product, testing a new market, or providing extra horsepower for a critical project.  It may also involve providing someone to lead a division, a function or a company during a period of rapid change or uncertainty.

Special Projects

Clients seamlessly leverage an experienced industry professional to drive a critical project to success. These special projects deliver:


Rapid infusion of skills and capacity to accelerate critical objectives.

Needed Skills:

Relevant expertise when it’s most valuable to your project.


Huge ROI in terms of time-to-market and risk mitigation.


Interim Leadership

Clients insert a C-level or GM-level manager directly into a critical role, to fill a key vacancy or assume leadership during a period of rapid change.

Instantaneous Leadership:

Top-tier executive, on the ground—immediately—to fill a critical gap or solve an urgent challenge.


Preserve flexibility during times of uncertainty or rapid change, with no need to commit to a permanent hire right away.

Unique Effectiveness:

With no preconceived biases or long-term agenda, interim executives can often be more effective in a challenging situation.


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