Working with BTG

There is no retainer or upfront cost to working with Business Talent Group. Projects typically last three to six months, although we’ve had projects that range anywhere from one month to 18 months or more. Simply describe the need to one of our Talent professionals, and we will identify the right individual or team, typically within five days. Clients maintain complete control, deciding exactly which professional(s) to work with, on the schedule that works for the Client.

the Need
Describe the need to one of our Talent professionals.
the Project
for Success
We’ll analyze the business challenge, budget, corporate culture, and Client’s internal resources to develop a custom-tailored project approach that is structured for success.
Explore Fit
and Define
Talent Solution
Clients maintain total control and choose the individual or team that will execute the project.
and Price
the Engagement
Pay only for the services that are needed, on a day-rate or project-rate basis.
Project Oversight
Business Talent Group is involved throughout the project to ensure success.

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