Business Talent Group works with the highest quality independent business Talent. So what do we mean by quality? Through our years of experience, we’ve come to think about quality along three dimensions:


Professionals must demonstrate a consistent record of accomplishment, a skill set, and a style that allow them to make distinctive contributions to our clients from their first day on a project.

  • We start with great people. The majority of our Talent are referrals from trusted sources–people that we know. We also search selectively for in-demand skill sets, often recruiting from elite networks such as McKinsey, Bain and BCG Alumni and top-tier business schools.
  • We inform our judgment through careful review of credentials, an assessment of Talent competencies, and through in-depth interviews with our senior team.
  • We conduct careful references, checking in with those who are in a position to help us gain a better sense of each Talent’s caliber.
  • We conduct formal, third-party background checks.

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of Fit

Of course, our Clients aren’t just looking for any great consultant; they’re looking for a consultant who is great for their project. We have spent more than 10 years perfecting the art of judging “Fit.” In fact, we’re a little obsessed with it. We have found that this is perhaps the most important aspect of a project’s success—the right fit between Talent and project.

  • We seek to identify the true “sweet spot“ for every Talent we work with. We look into what excites him professionally, what types of teams she works best with, what organizational roles best fit him, and what types of analyses she excels at—with the goal of creating the right project match.
  • We conduct references the “BTG way”—not a simple check-the-box exercise or a precautionary measure against “smoking guns.” Our references are designed to get a nuanced perspective on each professional, so we understand where talent will be most successful and satisfied.
  • For Talent we’ve worked with repeatedly, we continually refine our understanding of their strengths and weaknesses through our direct experience.

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Quality of

Ultimately, Absolute Quality and Quality of Fit are in service to the ultimate goal of Quality of Performance on our Clients’ projects.

  • Structuring the project for success: Business Talent Group is expert in structuring a Client’s problem into a successful project-based solution. We take the time to really understand what our Clients need, making sure the project has access to the right resources at the right time, and ensuring that Clients and Talent are fully aligned on what is needed to achieve results.
  • Project oversight: At Business Talent Group, we stand behind the Talent on the projects we deliver. We know that the Talent has the skill and experience needed to succeed, without layers of management above them—and we are with them every step of the way, eager to stay involved wherever the project warrants. For example, we might counsel the Talent on how to have impact more quickly; in another case, we might provide additional resources to help a project succeed.  We also make sure that the Client and Talent stay aligned with respect to project deliverables.

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