Becoming Talent

Business Talent Group is looking for superior consultants and consulting business professionals with both a long-term interest in working independently and a proven track record of excellence.

If you would like to be considered for Talent at BTG, please submit your resume to Our team will review it and if there is a strong track record of success and a good fit with our Clients' needs, we will invite you to be included in our online Talent registry (which takes about 15 mins to complete). If your skills and experience are a fit with any current Client needs we will arrange a phone interview.

We work with our Talent through the Talent's business organization (e.g., LLC), or directly as a 1099. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunity and equal opportunity with respect to contracting with candidates. Please also know that your relationship with us is confidential and non-exclusive.

Business Talent Group offers independent professionals:

We serve leading corporations, private equity firms, and major non-profits. Consulting and project-based roles offer the variety, challenge, and high-level impact you desire.
Teams for
Larger Projects
Add leverage or specialized skills to enhance the success of your projects.
Control &
Professionals decide what projects are of interest, when,
and on what terms.
Contract &
We negotiate terms and manage the administrative aspects of projects.

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